Vintage TMNT magnets.

I was going to make fun of that “watch for the TOTALLY INSANE TV show” blurb, but thinking back to the many mutating warthogs, and rhinos, and lizards and frogs, and extraterrestrial dimensions filled with evil rock men, and conspicuously inconspicuous blimps, and disembodied brains, and turtles eating pizza… yeah, I guess the description was apt.

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    I have all of these, including a Shredder, but the magnets have come unglued from the backs. ;_;
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    These are on my fridge!
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    I want these on my fridge.
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    I had the full set. These were perfect.
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    Wow, I think I had some of these… I remember the odd two-toned sai Raph is wielding.
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    I think most people have forgotten how unabashedly weird Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was compared to the other cartoons...
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    Collect all 4!? What it this, Pokemon?